Estimating Your Project Budget

Here's what to consider

There are many different things that determine the price of windows and doors. While an exact project estimate can only be given by your window and door sales representative, there are some things that can help you understand what to expect.

1. The windows and doors you choose

"Made to order" versus "off the shelf" — A window or door that is made specifically for your home with the precise fit and the exact features you want will cost more than a window purchased off the shelf in a home improvement store or lumberyard.
Size — An oversized (or extra small) window or door is most likely custom and will cost more than a standard size.
Shape — Windows other than the typical rectangle will cost more.
Material — Typically, wood windows and doors may cost more than fiberglass or vinyl, depending on the features and options you may choose.
Glass type — The more high-performance or specialized the glass (such as impact-resistant or triple-pane), the more expensive the window or door will be.
Special features — Most windows and doors come with standard choices included in the base price — such as basic frame colors, hardware finishes and glass types. Other frame colors, hardware finishes, glass options and special features like grilles, between-the-glass window fashions and premium screens are upgrades and will add to the cost of your window or door choice.
Number of windows — Obviously, the more windows or doors you are replacing, the higher the cost.

2. Installation

Installation method — "Pocket replacement", where only your old window sashes are removed and the new window is placed in your existing window frame, usually costs less than full-frame replacement, where the window, frame, interior and exterior trim are replaced.
Condition of window frame — If your window frame or walls are water- or insect-damaged, installation costs will increase.
Finishing costs — If installation includes painting or staining your windows and doors, your installation costs will increase.

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