Multi-Point Locking System


The multi-point locking system is available on all fiberglass and steel entry doors.


entry door locking system

Pella’s multi-point lock features three dual-action deadbolts that extend into the door frame when engaged. When disengaged, the deadbolts function as latches — disengage by pressing down on the interior or exterior handle. If your door is equipped with an entrance-grip handle set, squeeze the “trigger” to operate.

To engage the deadbolts, twist the thumbturn lock on the inside or turn the keylock on the outside. The three latches will extend to their deadbolt position.

The multi-point lock includes a “panic” feature, which allows you to disengage the deadbolts and operate the door with one smooth motion by pressing down on the interior handle. From the exterior, insert the key into the keylock and turn to disengage.

CautionCAUTION: Make sure the door is completely closed before engaging the multi-point deadbolts. Failure to do so may damage the door’s finish or frame.

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